1) Open settings and find the 'HUD' tab.

2) Click on the 'Panels' tab.

3) Click 'Add Panel'.

4) In the 'Table Panel' section, click Add.

5) Select the new item and change the item type to 'Status'.


On the table it will look like this. Notice the upper left corner where the table status is displayed. 


6) The table status is considered Urgent when the fold, call/check, and raise buttons are visible. When the table status is Advanced or Advanced2, that means the checkboxes that allow you to act before your turn are visible.

7) If there is no action required on the table (no checkboxes and fold, call, etc. are not visible), the status should be 'None'. If the status still shows 'Urgent' or 'Advanced', try changing the poker table background to a different color. 

8) If the statuses change properly, setup was successful. If you don't have any further sites to test, you can now delete the panel we created and the text will no longer be shown on the table.

Note: Not all sites will change to the advanced status. Custom sites and Merge don't have support for the advanced action checkboxes, so they wont change to 'Advanced' or 'Advanced2'. It can be added to custom sites though.